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How to lift your 924/944/924S

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 27, 2020 1:49 pm    Post subject: How to lift your 924/944/924S Reply with quote

The definitive guide to lifting your 924/924S/944.

Remember this is your car to do as you please and there are plenty of shells left around if you cut yours up a bit. Also the metal work is easy because the shapes are easy.
Commence epic off-road build

ok more seriously now:
1. Remove the front struts and add a 2" spacer (I have some if you're looking to buy).
2. Swap the top hat bolts for 70mm if you are going 2", 60mm if 40mm lift etc... perfect length for washers on both ends of the bolt and new nuts from the hardware store. If in USA use the AutoZone rental spring compressor tool for MacPherson struts to reinstall the top hats when you're done. YOU CANNOT INSTALL THE BOLTS WITH TOP HATS ON... yeah don't try it. doesn't work well usually.
3. Trim bottom corner of your front struts opposite of spindle mount (camber bolt holes). This will allow the stock strut bottom to still clear stock steel 924 control arms. Maybe 3/8 inch off the corner should do it.
4. Rebuild your power steering rack if its leaking now as you're already under there. Me not knowing what I was doing it took maybe 4 hours and a 30$ kit from AutoZone.
5. Reinstall rack and struts with spacers might need to buzz a little more off the struts to get the fitment perfect.
6. alright so now your tie rods are at a severe angle likely causing massive bumpsteer. you have a few options here.
- Option one, run it like it is, I'm about to drive mine and I've been told it drives like crap for handling.
- Option 2, if enough people ask nicely i will develop a lift bumpsteer correction setup (likely upside down mount tie rods).
- Option 3, cut and reweld the tie rod hole in the spindle upside down and run stock tie rods upside down. should get the tie rod almost straight and help with less bumpsteer (stockish feel should be).

Alright champ now the front of your 924 is lifted pretty good. Cut and clearance fenders and such as needed to fit the big mud tires you bought a couple months ago when you had this crazy idea.

Next on to the rear...
1. To lift the rear you are likely going to need to cut a few things unless you want to take a really long time. I opted to drill holes and knock the torsion bars out the sides to save time. Clarks Garage, the 944 Spec forums, and a myriad of other places can tell you how to drop the suspension and do the angles and the math and such but I opted for the easier route.

2. Drill a 1 3/4" hole on either side of the cars body right in front of the end of the torsion tube spring plate.
3. Cut off the tube carrier end or punch out the cap etc (multiple options here, I opted to cut. It took maybe 10 minutes).
4. Put the car in the air on jackstands, take the wheels off the rear and use the jack to remove a little weight from the rear trailing arms as they hang.
5. remove the bottom rightmost bolt on the spring plate (a 17mm) to remove tension on the bar. Also remove the bottom shock bolt (a 24mm)
6. I used an extra 1/2 12 inch extension i had sitting around and a 2lb hammer and pounded out the torsion bars one from each side. Pound the one into the housing and it pops the other out but doesn't change its own location (doesn't completely pop out of the splines). This allows you to adjust one side at a time.
7. Pop the torsion bars out, lower the trailing arm as far as you wish, pound the bar in until it pushes the opposite out. Lower that arm as desired and pound it back in until they are evenly inserted on both sides.
8. Reinstall the tension bolt and shock bolt (will likely have to raise the trailing arm to get both these in) and youre done with the rear lift.
Currently I am in stage 8 of the rear part and im fitting 30s so its getting fun seeing how far I can get it to lift. I might opt for bigger torsion bars to prevent sag (loss of right height due to initial load from the car). Any suggestions on the fix for that would be great. I will also be maxing out the eccentrics on the rear.
Cheers friends.
I will be posting some YouTube links as I finish this up on my own car.
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