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87' 924S Heater Burned out?

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 11, 2020 3:57 pm    Post subject: 87' 924S Heater Burned out? Reply with quote

Its been a while since I posted but I am stumped where to start looking for this fix.

1. Fixed my new to me 924S from a slipped timing belt and got it running, most everything on the car seems to work fine (even though the car hadn't been run for multiple years).
2. Heater hose that runs into the firewall for the heater core was torn so I bypassed it and the heater valve.
3. Took it on a roadtrip soon almost immediately after getting it running again because why not.
3. As I was driving down the road with no heat in mid March in NC, I had the heater on to at least try to push some semblance of heat from the engine bay into the cabin (to no avail) and the heater started squealing.
4. I turned it off for a little while and then turned it back on until it started squealing again, so I just let it squeal away.
5. Heater blower just STOPS at all speeds 1-4
6. Then I smell the lovely smell of burning electrics
7. I also realize at this point that every time I turn the fan switch to the 4th speed, my temp gauge flickers up an eighth inch and my oil pressure gauge flickers, and if the car is off the interior lights dim.

Where do I start looking?
Take the blower motor out of the engine bay and clean it up?
Where can I find a new or used working blower for these cars close to central NC (944Barn is a bit of a ways away)?
any help would be appreciated.

also with posts when suggesting parts please include part numbers, I am about to make a huge order (new Sachs clutch yikes 500$) from eEuroparts for some basic stuff and ill just stick it on that order.
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