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EA827 Swap: Build Thread
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PostPosted: Sun Nov 11, 2018 9:03 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


This entire project would not be moving forward if my original engine did not need to be rebuild. Agreed, it is a very well designed lump and it needs rebuilt to no fault of its own but rather due to neglect (refer to link in first post of thread). But irrgardless, this is where we are with it. I simply canít justify the cost to rebuild a 95hp engine with limited parts a ability and high costs, when I can build and install a readily available engine that will produce 80% more power for 1/4 the cost. I suppose it comes down to basic economics of owning a toy and fun per dollar. If Iím going to drop that much money I want to at least be able to keep up with the family cars on the road next to me. The return in investment just donít do it for me.

With regards to rebuilds: my autox gti has been through 3 engine rebuilds in the 12 years I have owned it. Now, were these rebuilds due to engine failure? No but a hone, re ring and re seal kept it performing well, and was economical enough to justify. Piece of mind knowing that that the parts are there at the right price is some what reassuring; lets me push the car a little farther than I may have otherwise.

I get it, this is not a popular choice. Maybe my perspective is slightly different than some with regards to the vehicle... itís just a car, one that I bought to have fun with. Fortunately, I happen to have the ability and resources to greatly increase its performance at a price far less than traditional routes... of course this option does not carry the Porsche crest, but nether did the original engine. I like the car due to its styling, handeling capabilities, and the quality / quarks of a German made vehicle of the era.... and the fact itís a vw audi parts bin car. As these are the marquees I have been toying with for quite Some time. In America, with domestic cars, this is simply basic hotrodding.. take what you have available, get creative, and make your vehicle faster and better performing than it was before. Chevy engines in fords? You bet! I think that Porsche badge is a hang up for some.
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